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Dale Henry: Expert Speed Painter...

Dale Henry: Expert Speed Painter

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Dale Henry Paints Gov. Rick Scott

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Dale Henry, Paintman, has done countless shows and paintings. He has painted, in a matter of minutes, celebrities from the past and present, including; Modi (current Prime Minister of India), The band KISS, Vanilla Ice, Governor Rick Scott, and classics, such as; Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon.

  • Testimonial #4
    Mary Walker,

    Awesome work again, Dale!!!!

  • Testimonial #3
    Steven Lebowitz,

    “At Midnight Dale Henry “Paintman” put on an amazing display of artistry that had to be seen to be believed (and you can too by clicking the video above). Plus all night long people danced, talked and just enjoyed being amongst their Spooky Empire family once again.”

  • Testimonial #2
    Nedra Townley, Ardens Jewelrs

    “Dale Henry is an amazing talent and entertainer who helped take our last corporate event over the top. We also commissioned him to perform at our polo team’s recent tournament with great reviews.”

  • Testimonial #1
    Larry Philips, Philips Toyota

    “Dale Henry’s performance was a great added attraction to the recent grand opening celebration at our new Chrysler Jeep dealership. Both my wife, Linda and I have had a professional as well as personal relationship with Dale for over 15 years. I would recommend him for any event you might be planning.”

Dale Henry Paints Indian P.M. Modi at Madison Square Garden

Dale Henry Paints Johnny Depp

Dale Henry Paints Governor Rick Scott

Dale Henry Paints Vanilla Ice at Leesburg Bike Fest '14